Welcome to Dr. Robert Friedman & Sons stamp company, the country’s largest buyer and seller of valuable collections for over forty years.
If you have a valuable collection for sale, you’ve come to the right place.
Dr. Robert Friedman & Sons enjoy a reputation throughout the philatelic hobby as a MAJOR BUYER of any valuable stamp collection. No collection should be considered too large, bulky or disorganized as we often purchase collections and accumulations in the six figures that require a moving truck to transport.

Many people who have sold to us have never had any experience selling stamp collections and were initially anxious about the process. In fact, many of the collections we purchase are sold to us by families who have the responsibility of selling collections that were left to them by relatives.
Dr. Friedman has huge financial resources.
Our financial resources allow for the purchase of the most expensive philatelic properties valued into the six or seven figures. $5,000,000 in immediate cash is generally available for the purchase of valuable philatelic properties. We have purchased well over $30,000,000 of collectibles over the last 10 years.
Our promise to you
Trust – Integrity – Fairness – Dependability… ALWAYS

Obviously as a seller you need to know that the individuals with whom you are dealing with will treat you fairly, openly, and with promptness. Your buyer must be someone in whom you can confidently place trust. We adhere to the strict ethical standards of the American Stamp Dealers Association which assures you the highest level of ethical practices.
Most important of all
When selling your stamp collection to us, you can always count on receiving the highest possible price for your collection. As the largest seller of stamp collectors in the country, our customers immediately purchase most of the collections we offer for sale. Our ability to immediately sell our collections allow us to pay the highest prices for your stamp collection. Our offers are paid on the spot in full by either cash, cashier’s check, or personal check which ever you prefer.

Contact us to discuss your collection
Call us to discuss your collet ion at any time at 630.985.1515 and ask for Dr. Bob or email us at drbobstamps@comcast.net. We are always available to discuss your valuable stamp collection 365 days a year. You will find us very comfortable to work with.
Immediate availability
We are available to immediately come to you for the purchase of your valuable stamp collection and will offer to purchase everything in your collection.
Prefer an instant sale?
If you have a substantial collection and wish an instant sale, or if your collection is not valuable enough to justify a personal visit, you may be able to ship it to us at our expense. Since we have a complete shipping department, we can immediately send you boxes, tape and prepaid labels and arrange for a UPS pickup of the boxes in your living room. All boxes will be sent to us with the signature required on our end so that your collection can be tracked at all times. We will call you within 48 hours after receiving your collection with our immediate cash offer and a check can be sent overnight to you. Over 95% of our offers on collections sent to us have be accepted.

We are also major buyers of coin and currency collections.
"Dr. Robert Friedman is a world renowned philatelist of exceptional integrity and reputation. He is a major international buyer of outstanding philatelic properties and has over thirty years of experience conducting philatelic appraisals. Banking institutions and private parties may feel completely comfortable in having Dr. Friedman evaluate and/or purchase their philatelic properties."
Randy Neil
Past President
American Philatelic Society