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If you have a valuable stamp collection that is for sale, please call our primary buying center located at:

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Dr. Robert Friedman is one of the largest stamp buyers nationwide and can purchase your large stamp collections from you in St. Paul. We can immediately travel to the St. Paul area for your valuable collections from either of our 2 locations - from Chicago or Southeast Florida.

Immediate, on-the-spot payment is always made and we always pay the highest possible prices for collections. If you have large stamp collections for sale in St. Paul, dont delay and call us now.

If you have a valuable stamp collection, there may come a time when you are ready to sell it. When that time comes, there are several important steps you will want to take insure the stamp collection selling process is done right and that you get the highest amount for your collection.

  1. Confirm you have a valuable stamp collection.
  2. You have found a reputable stamp buyer that can make the process of selling your valuable stamp collection easy.
  3. Our over 50 years of experience will ensure you receive the highest possible price for your collection.

Is your Stamp Collection Valuable?

Large, valuable stamp collections usually end up with two types of sellers: sophisticated stamp collectors and those who have inherited a stamp collection. If you would consider yourself to be part of one of those two groups, you very well might have a large and valuable stamp collection - exactly the type we are looking to buy!

I am a sophisticated stamp collector

  • I belong to the APS and/or a Stamp Club
  • I use the Scott Catalogue
  • I read Linn's Stamp News
  • I have spent significant funds on my collection.
  • I inherited a stamp collection from a sophisticated collector.
  • I have an extensive US stamp collection (from year 1847 forward)

I have inherited a stamp collection

  • My relative spent lots of money on stamps
  • The collection is housed in albums
  • My relative was obsessed with Stamp collecting
  • I have an extensive US stamp collection (from year 1847 forward)
  • My relative is a customer of Dr. Robert Friedman & Sons. You may find one of our advertisements included with your collection.
  • The collection would require a minivan or truck to move.
  • I have extensive specialized world-wide country collections.
  • I have extensive specialized country collections

We are a reputable stamp buyer

Dr. Robert Friedman and Sons is a large reputable stamp buyer – we are the country’s largest buyer and seller of valuable stamp collections for over 50 years!

We are able travel to you to purchase your large and valuable stamp collection, arrange for a UPS pickup after sending boxes, or purchase your large stamp collection in either our Illinois or Florida location.

  • We offer the highest price paid - immediate payout!
  • We can offer to purchase the entire collection. Other dealers often only offer to purchase the very best parts of a collection - leaving you with the remainder of the collection, which will be then be very difficult to sell.
  • We are proud members of the American Stamp Dealers Association and the American Philatelic Association.

Get Ready to Sell your Large Stamp Collection

When ready, please give us a call so we can discuss the sale of your valuable stamp collection:

We can immediately come to you. We travel anywhere to buy valuable stamp collections!

Your valuable stamp collection obviously represents many wonderful years of collecting. When it's time to sell, give as much care and attention to it as you did when collecting to ensure that you will receive full and fair payment for the collection. Contact Dr. Robert Friedman who has a national reputation for fairness, integrity, and immediate payment. Dr. Friedman will come to your house or office and provide you with all services that you will require.
Wishing an instant sale of your substantial collection?

Over the last 20 years our full service shipping department has received several thousand collections sent to us by parties wishing instant payment. Simply call us and describe the collection and its size and we can immediately send you boxes and tape you will need for shipping as well as prepaid labels you will simply place on the boxes. We can then arrange a UPS pickup of the boxes at your home. All boxes will have tracking numbers so that their location can be determined immediately by yourself as well as ourselves. We will call you with an offer within 48 hours after receipt and can send an overnight check to you for payment. Over 95% of our offers have been accepted and the process is simple, non-problematic and very reliable.

It is important for you to know that every aspect of your relationship with Dr. Robert Friedman and Sons is always accomplished with the strictest confidentiality.
We can offer to buy your entire valuable stamp collection.

Total sale of the various sections of your stamp collection can often be a problem. Most buyers only purchase certain parts of stamp collections leaving the seller with unwanted remnants, which are often difficult to sell. Dr. Robert Friedman and Sons can offer to purchase all parts of your valuable stamp holdings.
On the spot payment at full market value

Your satisfaction is essential to us. When selling to Dr. Robert Friedman and Sons, you can expect an offer for the highest possible prices for your stamps. Our offers are paid immediately in full by either cash, cashiers checks, or personal check, whichever you prefer.

Stamp Buyer for the St. Paul area. Contact us to see what your large stamp collection is worth today.

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